Catch the stream of ‘Kaali Season 2’ on ZEE5

Kaali Season 2
Kaali Season 2

Fans are being to begin streaming of the ‘Kaali Season 2’, which release on Friday on ZEE. The film is totally based on the goddess kali, which shows the ultimate strength of a lady to the max.

Series is produced by parambrata Chattopadhyay. Who is known for acting and directing brilliantly in entertainment films. Kaali Season 2 delves into the unseen underbelly of the metropolitan city Kolkata which is usually about in hushed tones. The series engulfed with a multilayer thrill of hope, courage, danger, and betrayal that will giv-.e us jitters as the series progresses towards climaxical end.

The series shows the original lead role of Paoli Dam. Guys, Kaali Season 2 is a keeper that fulfills. Paoli Dam nails it in this thoroughly engrossing, haunting thriller that fulfills its season 1 promise.

These web series revolve around a helpless mother Kali. Who struggles to save her child’s life who has few hours of oxygen left in the cylinder. During this time, she gets trap between some criminals who are escapes from jail. How Kali will save her child’s life in the middle of a gang war, you will be seen in this web series. It seems that mystery continues. As the story unfolds with Barun Bose’s involving background score. The series created and directed by Arita Sen and Rohan Ghose takes it snaky turns that offers a tribute to those lurid thrillers by the doctors like Brian De Palma and so on.

Overall the serial is full of crunches so go and enjoy it thoroughly.

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Kaali Season 2
Kaali Season 2 (source)

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