‘Hasyam’ makes it’s way to Shanghai Film Festival


Hasyam is a Malayalam drama movie, directed by Jayaraj. The cast of Hasyam includes Harisree Ashokan at current the Shanghai Film Festival postpone till further rescheduling.

Ace Malayalam film director Jayaraj’s movie Haasyam has been selected for the 23rd edition of the Shanghai International Film Festival. Hasyam is the eighth film Jayaraj’s Navarasa series, which aims at depicting the nine emotions or rases. The dark comedy has Harisree Ashokan in the lead, playing the role of ‘Japan’, who performs odd jobs including arranging cadavers for medical students. The nomination is enough that made its way to the film festival.

The Shanghai International Film Festival, abbreviated SIFF, is one of the largest film festivals in East Asia. “China’s biggest film festival” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Next to the Tokyo International Film Festival. However, SIFF consider by many to be the second biggest film festival in Asia. The festival is organize every year to nominate and give away the unique prize of Golden goblet in Shanghai, China.

The film is select for the Panorama of the festival, which expects to organize from July 18th to 27th. The film festival will organize in strict adherence to the guidelines for public gatherings during the pandemic. The idea behind the movie is so awesome that it made its way. Selection for such a reputed film festival will increase the confidence of its director, actors involved and co-members if the film.

Above all, nomination has made the Malayalam film industry proud for the long term.

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