People go foodie as ‘Wild Wild West’ resumes the Service in Delhi

Wild Wild West
Wild Wild West

People are at control for over more than three months by their tongue and feet. But as the lockdown eases there seems a great relief to all those food lovers. People are placing their orders to chill and satisfy their prolonged diet. People go, foodie, as ‘Wild Wild West’ resumes the Service in Delhi.

Having grown up on a healthy diet of Westerns, the name appealed to me, instantly conjuring up an image of a swinging door and the sound of distant neighing. I looked at the menu, which sounds too good. So I put on my Stetson, and placed an order. At current as the restaurants begin their service people are getting their list prepared to order.

Similarly, the ‘Wild Wild West’ started it’s delivery as the lockdown eases. The location was lado Sarai New Delhi.
Moods of people swung as it included lofty items. The delivery menu includes pizzas, pasta, calzones, salads, and sandwiches. The main courses have dishes such as grilled vegetables with basil pesto sauce and smoked chicken fillets. Nothing else was the expectation of people as it was the long-awaited!

There was another excitement as the delivery was up to the mark also chili-lover at home enjoyed the peri-peri chicken, which came submerged in a red sauce. People had a spoonful of the sauce, and affirm that while it was spicy, it was still not as hot as they would have liked it to be.

Overall the performance within the short time period has won the hunger of thousands as reported by foodies of Capital city Delhi. Not only Delhi but also other states are advise to open their hotels and restaurants keeping in mind the social distancing with the mask on.

Wild Wild West
Wild Wild West (source)

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