Solar Ferry ‘Aditya’ from Kerala Sails into Global contest

Solar Ferry

Kerala’s Solar Ferry ‘Aditya‘ Sails to global contest. Be efficient and our efficiency will be paid. Indias first solar Ferry has sailed to participate in an award event.

India’s first solar-powered ferry, Aditya, which became an iconic one on the Vaikom-Thavanakadavu route in Kerala. It is among 12 such ferries that have been shortlisting for the Gustave Trouve Award, a prestigious One. It is the sole competitor from Asia.

The event is organize for the categories categorize as three different awards:

  • one for electric boats up to 8m in length,
  • electric boats are more than 8 m long
  • electric ferry boats know for passenger boats, the category in which Aditya is in the fray.

The shop is build in Kochi operate by keral state water transport department (KSWTD). The founder or well known CEO of the firm, Sandith Thandassery, a naval architect, who graduated from Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT)-Madras. He explained what contributed to the success of the vessel. As a public transport solar-electric ferry Aditya, it has proven its performance in its third year which took lots of hard work. That went through concentrated work, transporting 11 lakh passengers clocking a distance of 70,000 km, without a single drop of fossil fuel used in it. Which further will save KSWTD over 1 lakh liters of diesel.

Anyway, the moment is a proud one as an indigenous product will take part in a global award event. Where it will lead to the increment in the name and fame of the country. India is popularly known for its unique inventions and ideas. And this time again in the situation of pandemic Kerala has achieved something great.

Solar Ferry
Solar Ferry (source)

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