US embassy in Seoul displays Black Lives Matter banner

US embassy

The US is neither quite nor it wants to be, seems. US Embassy gave a statement in support of the Anti-racism protest that “The US is a free and diverse country and it’s our strength “.

The recent ongoing protest that is emerging out again after years of the independence of the BLACK people who faced discrimination based on their colour and broke the chain of discrimination under the leadership of MARTIN LUTHER KING.

A week ago happened incident of George who was brutally killed by the white policeman revived the spirit of racism amid the society.

The act of brutality showcase a mirror of insecurity among the people. Meanwhile of this protest for ‘Justice’, the US EMBASSY consulates the Americans by supporting their protest against Anti-racism.

That kindle the hope for justice against the discrimination. Hopefully, this may bring a better way to resolve the disputes and the heated issues arise due to incident.

Ultimately, leaders should give unbiased comments over any public issues to keep the trust of people. To protect the Nation itself instead of giving tweets like ‘Thugs’ by President Trump.

As the leader of the USA one must hold the diversity of the country together and follow the recent words of the US Embassy. I.e Free and Diverse Nation is our strength.

Therefore, the leader must follow it- History demonstrates that diversity holds Unity. And leaders are responsible to unite the nations and society.

Anyway, the protesters want justice on any coast. Because the brutality of the police and the government over the blacks won’t be tolerated any more.

US embassy
US embassy (source)

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